Monday, June 7, 2010

Price Check!

When I walked into work this morning, I felt great. I had been busy all weekend with commissions, prints, and redesigning my website. So, I confronted my art director, Noel, about how much attention my site had been getting lately. This was quite rewarding considering he informed me how UNoriginal and boring he thought my site was just a week previously.

I also told him of a woman in Alaska who found my site and loved one of my prints.
He exclaimed, "Excellent! How much did you sell it for?"
I told him, "Well, $25. That's the price for a print."
He then burst into laughter.
"How could you sell a print for so little?" he asked.

I informed him how I felt about selling my work as a print. How I'd rather have my art work everywhere because people can afford it, than nowhere because it was too expensive. Though, he wouldn't listen to a word. He told me since I don't mass-produce, every print is like an original. I suppose I can see his point. Thus, I doubled my prices.

So, I ran to him and told him I did so. He laughed again. He thinks I should be selling my work for numbers in the hundreds. HUNDREDS! I couldn't believe it. My work? Well. I disagree that a print would be worth that much unless it's massive and difficult to reproduce. All my work is quite small, the most reaching 11 x 17 inches. So, I feel that the prices I've picked for each piece is reasonable and workable. If someone cannot afford an art work, I can lower the price accordingly. I think it's more important to give out art than hoard it.

So, I have raised my prices (most now are around $50 for a print), and I hope everyone can deal with it.

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