Saturday, December 26, 2009

profession of my love.

oh my god. i just watched the new star trek and discovered chris pine. he must be the most beautiful man on the face of the earth. i need to meet him. just to meet him. oh man.

otherwise. i must agree that artists have extreme abilities to love, and i definitely am a passionate person.

if you know how to access chris pine, please inform me.



Friday, December 25, 2009

how the hell will i make money?

okay, so my visa bill seems to continuously climb regardless of my attempts to cut back on spending. given, it was christmas and i spent and easy $200 on my parents, how can i account for the other influx? i need to start making money again before i spend every last penny.

i have the option of working at hollister again after the season. i must accept this and earn some cash at least until i can find a job closer to my house, or maybe even pays better (but they pay pretty good downtown). i would love to sell some prints, which are cheap but add up. i have prints of the octopus, anastasia, the mannequin, octobird, and about 7 others i can't even think of at the moment. i organized all of them a few weeks ago. i just want to hypnotize people to buy my work since it obviously isn't selling on it's own.

maybe i could find a place to teach night classes for adults. like, every wednesday night i'd host a figure drawing class or a still life drawing class for seniors. that would be fun for me. but i think it would be a lot of work and dedication to finding models and gathering people to sign up. ugh. i'm hopeless.

i just want to be famous now and skip this hard work, but that's not how life is. i gotta keep entering competitions (which by the way, i just heard back from the elmhurst artist's guild that i did NOT win the current scholarship competition they're hosting) or applying to galleries. i need to get on my game.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goals With My Art

For those who think art cannot support a fair living, here is a list of what i hope to accomplish.

1. Publish a children's coloring book of monsters
2. Run a gallery
3. Freelance
4. Illustrate for magazines, books, and newspapers
5. Teach a drawing class for outside artists

Every time i tell someone i am an art student, they look at me and say, "what can you do with that?" and i want to sometimes hit them because what can't i do? there are so many options for an artist to make a living, you just have to be dedicated to it. you have to want to eat, sleep, and breathe art, which i do. it is my passion, my life, my reason for being. i don't care if i don't make as much as a doctor or lawyer, i will love what i'm doing and it won't be work for me. it will will be the most enjoyable part of my day knowing that i have taken on this challenge and completed a new work of art. my portfolio is my bread crumb trail, my foot prints along the path of life. each new piece pushes me farther down the road to success.

i am so happy with the life i have chosen for myself and i wish people understood that this is the only direction that would complete me.

School Stuff

so, starting january 4th i'll be back at school. i am definitely ready to be downtown again, but i must admit, i'm a bit nervous about my classes. i figure math will be a breeze, and illustration could be good (if we continue to do the same type of projects), but watercolor scares me. i was thinking about changing my major from illustration to watercolor, but i don't know anymore. i feel like my better work comes from my inks rather than paints.

perhaps i'm just scared because i want to succeed in that class specifically. i love watercolors, therefore i want to be accomplished. i haven't tried painting yet this break; i did a few acrylics but that was minor stress relief. grids have become an obsession of mine. i find them therapeutic. i think if i can finish one big painting this break i will feel very good.

i truly wanted to begin a new ink drawing: a seahorse. someone suggested i include some type of cocoon and crazy bat wings to hybridize it. that would be pretty sweet. however, there is a different sea creature i've been trying to work on for about a year now. i want to add color, but can't decide if i need more ink down first or not.

whatever i decide to do, i'm sure i'll be satisfied. i'll make enough prints so i can mess up on a handful and get different color schemes outta my system.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Updated My Website

I've been keeping my website up to date regularly, but I thought I'd announce it again.


here is what's featured:

This is the current featured piece entitled, Pillow. My friend Sean Daley picked it for me. I do not typically title my pieces. This second piece is called Chloe and the Octopus. It is by far my favorite piece I've done thus far as a sophomore. It began my new, more developed style. (Pillow directly followed Chloe and the Octopus.)