Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Preview: Amanda Chervinko

For those who know me, it may have been a slight shock I attended a small private art school (about 300 students total) instead of my first pick, the University of Iowa. For this, it would come as no surprise I befriended Amanda Chervinko during day 1 of orientation.

A naturally beautiful young woman, Amanda seemed to look just like me: cute clothes, hair styled, and well-applied make up. I gravitated towards her immediately. Unfortunately, it took two and a half years to actually have a class with her, though I quickly learned of her work despite the separation. 

Dark, disturbing, psychologically mind-effing brilliant...none of these words do her paintings justice. Not only does Chervinko paint like a watercolor master, but her concepts contain so much thought and require a bit investigation that the finished piece is simply perfection. For example, these avocados are not just food, but also 
representative of libido. This piece demonstrates the ability to heighten one’s sexuality. They have been illustrated in a "seductive and desirable manner" which mimic the males reproductive organs- the avocados main target. ( 


And yes, I did say watercolor. I lusted over her velvety application of paint, while mine always looked dull and chalky. Her attention to detail required many hours of painting, adding one layer at a time, and often laying down washes of pigment I scoffed at. Hot pinks and lime greens, teal blues and warm purples, all in her underpainting. I literally thought she was nuts the first time I watched her paint. But her pieces always turned out the same, purely beautiful.

Animal Tomb

Needless to say, I will miss Amanda. Not only was she a skilled painter, but she was incredibly smart. Working beside her was that bit of healthy competition I think we both needed to achieve what we have achieved so far. If I remain in contact with only a few students from the Academy, I hope she is at the top of the list. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

"Keep your eyes peeled" for this up-and-coming artist, Amanda Chervinko, because it will only be a short matter of time before her work is everywhere. If you're smart, buy now before you can't afford it.

To see a her full portfolio, go to Now.