Thursday, June 17, 2010

business cards.

As an artist and a current freelancer, business cards are a very effective way for me to spread my name. SO WHY HAVEN'T I HAD THEM UNTIL NOW!? I guess I have been lazy considering I've been at AAArt now for two full years and most every upperclassman has a card or logo. Although they claim to be ahead of the majority of other artists, I believe there is no such thing as "being ahead," or "being behind." There is just getting out there.

My reasoning is this: you are never too young to start marketing yourself, just as you are never too old. My friends at school laugh at me for having a website and a blog, but I think it's silly not to start putting yourself out there. I would tell ANYONE who is in the business of "selling themselves" to start now and do everything! I'm embarrassed I only just ordered my cards this morning (1:30 am).

This is front of my card

This is the back

I wanted this to be simple and a good representation of my work. I love my monsters and underwater hybrids, so these two pieces are perfect. I love the color against the stark white, and the negative space around both figures. I thank Nick Eby for helping me with the text and figuring out what to add and how to align it.


  1. Great pieces. What website did you order your business cards from?

  2. well, i ordered them from they seemed too overpriced though. next time i may try they seemed more reasonable.

    i mean, i ordered 100 and paid around 30! thats a bit ridiculous. but its good paper and semi-gloss. i cant wait to get them. they should be here in a week or two.