Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Abstract Art

I have always thought those who cannot paint realistically, paint abstracts. This I have found to be wrong. Abstract painting is equally as difficult. You have to know how to work with colors, textures, flow.....everything. AND you have to create it from within, not from a picture or a reference. I had made a small collection of a few abstracts I've done in the past year. It is a sad collection, I'll admit, but I tried. I want to go further with my red and blue grid, but I don't know any techniques to get the look I want. Perhaps I need to experiment more (which I'm sure is the only way to figure it out) but I don't have the patience. My mother hates abstract art and thinks all the pieces I create are garbage. This is discouraging, as one can probably assume. But I have seen worse!

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