Saturday, October 30, 2010

And So It Begins.

As I said, I felt inspired to "go big or go home." So, now the piece I'm working on is 36" x 42" (3 x 3.5 ft). So it's pretty sizable and I need to either prop it up against the wall or work on the ground. 

I'm currently a little over 5 hours in and not much can be discerned yet, but I'll add a pic once I get more inked/shaded. 

It's Aries as a skull worn by a nude woman set in a charging position. I haven't decided what to do with the background yet--possibly hair flying, maybe wings, or perhaps a forest. I like all those ideas and I know how I want to render them (outline).

3 hours in...

5 hours in...

8 hours in...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi-Fructose: Caitlin Hackett

Ever since I've started reading Hi-Fructose mag, I've been totally inspired. I recently bought the 17th volume and inside was a female ink-artist whose style was similar to mine. I loved it!

Her name is Caitlin Hackett. She does absolutely STUNNING work such as: 

UH! I wanna do large inks like this.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 Hour Color Study

This was just a quick color study for a commission I recently received. It's a nude figure in sheets using red and green. This study is in watercolor and colored pencil, but the final might just be watercolor based on the client's preference. I'll be using Sarah Pabis as a model when I focus on a particular pose.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Painting (unfinished)

Blue and Rust Figure
Mixed Meduim on Clayboard
6x8 in

New painting of a female figure. It's watercolor, matte medium, and acrylic wash. I will most likely never finish it because I really don't care much for it. I needed to try something and went for it. And I'm happy I attempted what I wanted to do. My work is done here.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Trump Tower

Well, I should be happy. Hell, I should be ecstatic! But instead I'm alone in my room seething about what will happen only hours from now.

Months ago my very close friend, Matt McTigue, offered me a chance to show my work at the Trump Tower downtown. His mother was hosting an event for abused and abandoned children, and she wanted to know if I could donate a piece for the fundraiser. Since I find fundraisers to be the most important and influential events, I immediately accepted.

Months ago I did not have a job or any other obligations whatsoever. I thought so little about needing to schedule around the event, or ensuring I'd be free, because I was free every single day of the weekend. No questions asked.

Months ago I had no idea I would never go to the event that I had banked on attending.

The event is tonight at 7pm. Where will I be? I'll be ushering guests around my beloved J. Alexander's restaurant. Meeting, greeting, seating 'til 10:30 tonight. I love working for my restaurant. I think the establishment is the most respectable place I have ever worked for. I think they are fair, considerate, and level-headed. So then why am I so mad?

I am disgusted with myself that I did not plan accordingly for tonight. It is my fault, and now I must suffer through this god-forsaken evening smiling and prancing around like I am nothing more than a vessel bringing hungry diners to their meals. I hate myself right now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, because of a friend (Matt K.) who is always online looking at cool artsy stuff, I found out about The Sketchbook Project hosted by Moleskine Journal. It's pretty cool. You send $45 to them and they mail you a blank 50 page moleskine for you to fill out by Jan 15th. When you send it back, they take it around the country and make a digital copy for online viewing. It's a great opportunity for a young, aspiring artist, like myself!
The theme I chose to illustrate is "Boys and Girls," which is kinda general, so I wanted to focus on one aspect of youth: nightmares. So, that's what my drawing will be of! Kids crying and monstery-nightmarish stuff.

in regards to the poll:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yes. This is a pear. I painted it in Photoshop! This was my first painting I've done, which must be apparent...but I had fun. It only took me AN HOUR AND A HALF! (That's sarcasm. This should have taken 30 mins.)

Oh well, Practice makes perfect.