Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dog House

So. I am back at Maddock Douglas, and for the past few weeks I have been working on designing and producing a dog house. Yes. A very large - and in charge - dog house.

Here are some quick views of it pre-assembly:

I used mosaic to detail the paw prints I had painted on the sides of the roof. In total, there are seven paw prints including the big one on the "butt" of the house.

On the body of the house, I chose to continue my gridded pattern in a more subtle color scheme. The grid is larger, and I only used three colors: light blue, ultramarine blue, and black (oh! and silver!).

It took a total of 2 weeks, including hours and hours and HOURS spent at home after work nursing the grout and cleaning the stones. It was back-breaking work, but I must say, it was worth it. I've never attempted a project this big, let alone by myself. Though, my dad helped me a lot with varnishing and maintaining care of the glitter. That glitter is everywhere now!!!! It's scattered all over my backyard so when my pooches run through it, it resembles falling snow. I even caught my puppy, Derby, eating a pile I swept up; she had glitter up her nose for a few days...

Now, the house is waiting to be sealed and assembled by ECAF. (Don't ask me what it stands for.....I only know E stands for Elmhurst). It will be pretty shiny once under the sun, and I hope it catches a lot of attention.