Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aries Ram Skull (Update)

So, I am about 11-12 hours in. I thought I would finally show a full view of what I have. It's still not much but it's something...

12 hours in

16 hours in
I have added a crow on the top right horn. I have a sketch of a flying crow at the bottom left. and I intend on adding another crow somewhere else....possibly sitting wings expanded on the top of the skull crown. maybe. maybe not. I have yet to draw in the flowers (roses or lilies)


  1. This is nuts! Are you going to add color?

  2. unfortunately, not on this paper. If i ever print it, I'll get it done on a canvastype texture so I can add watercolor.

  3. This is wonderful. Patience is something I'm struggling with in my own work right now, so coming across your work tonight is helpful.
    Thanks so much for sharing online. I'll be sure to continue looking.

  4. amazing work of art, Samantha! can't wait to see the final!

  5. Thanks Colin!! Yeah, I just finished my 19th hour. I do average around 15-25 hours per piece, but those are 1/16 the size. I've estimated this piece to be at 70-80 hours. Depending how many breaks and distractions deter me from my piece. lol

    And thank you mr. metal factory. lol i cant wait til its done.