Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Commissions

Having a Heart-to-Heart

I recently found this drawing (micron) that I did for my editorial illustration class: "Cliche" was the assignment. I never turned this in because I hated it when I finished it...but reflecting upon it, I say it's not that bad. I think it would be cool to color it.

I've also noticed I get more hits on my blog than my website, so I'm going to advertise my site RIGHT NOW!

~GO TO MY WEBSITEEEEEE~ (that's me hypnotizing you through the computer)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Alphabet

Hookay, so here's the deal. I have developed and idea to illustrate the alphabet using animal parts as letters (A is for Anchovy, B is Barracuda, etc.) BUT, my wish for this book is to have the letters not be readily apparent; you have to work to find them. AND, I want full-view paintings where the entire animal and it's habitat are revealed, and then the following page will reveal the close-ups of the letter. Good, no? 

Here's some thumbnails of what I'm talking about...