About The Artist

Photo by Bruno Maric

As a 20 year old art student at the American Academy of Art, I am content with my blog and website that I work tirelessly on day after day. I designed both my business cards--which I hand out like candy--and self-promote like it's my job. Oh! Wait! It is my job.

Freelance art is not what I expected. So much extra work goes into promoting one's self and convincing the public of your worth. At least enough for them to look at your art. And then, after all that networking, tweeting, or blogging, in the end, the public may not like what you create. I suppose love of your own work is all what must drive you in your pursuits.

I get inspired from rusty garbage bins and rainy days and Harry Potter. Things that make me happy and things that make me look around. I don't draw when I'm sad, which counters the myth that all artists are depressed. I am a very happy person with a lot to be thankful for. BUT I do make my own luck, and I do carve my own path in life. Everything I've achieved I've worked my ass off for.

School is my home away from home. Words cannot describe how I feel for it. The people, the hallways, the size. Everything is right. I wish I could attend forever...