Saturday, September 4, 2010

There's Always Someone Better

When I sat down to paint this morning, I felt excited! I haven't painted since April. As many of my friends and readers know, I prefer to use ink pens and black and white as media and colors of choice. Painting takes time to learn and achieve, time I did not spend this summer.

So. Since I knew my first painting would be shaky, I chose a simple subject: GRAPES. I love grapes! But perhaps I should have picked an easier subject, like a pear, because my final outcome just reminded me how much I still have to learn.

It's difficult not to compare my work to my classmates. Most are at my level; we are just starting out in the world of watercolor. But some seem to exceed with exceptional skill. For example, my friend Cindy Bernhard. Her work blows my mind. Not to mention Anthony Kosar, the first person I met from AAArt.

Thus, where does this leave me? Someone who cannot surpass these two artists, and assuredly there are more Cindys and Anthonys out there which of whom I've never even met! I will be competing for jobs against them. So how do I make myself stand out? I need to focus on my own "niche," my own style that is completely unique and difficult to emulate. I have my pens, thank god.

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  1. That is something we all have to deal with. I think you are fabulous in your own right as an artist. I also think that we are very lucky to be surrounded by such great artists at the Academy, teachers included.

    I would hated to have been in a school where I couldn't look across a desk or two and see something completely mind blowing. You just have to remember that someone else is doing the same to your work. I know when I look at it I am blown away. And who knows those people you look up to may be looking back at your work and thinking the same thing.

    Your grapes are wonderful by the way.