Friday, September 24, 2010

T Shirts? Or shoes?

My dad and I had a long conversation about beginning to put my work on clothes. Would people buy a shirt with, say, my octopus on it for $15? That's a random number; I'd have to research prices on getting shirts printed, but it is an interesting idea.....

Maybe I should get a poll of what work people would like to carry around with them on their backs, or chests, or hats, what have you. what about shoes? What if I put a cool design on vans or keds or converse? I would do special requests: someone buys the shoe (white or a light shade of whatever color they prefer) and I ink them. I like that idea best, but I have NO idea what kind of time that would take me.......what sort of price do you put on that?

meh....i dont know. I guess I'll have to contemplate these ideas more.


  1. Would you be allowed to ink converse or keds? Copyright speaking that is. I mean, I guess if they are paying for the shoes and then you do it. I'm just wondering about you then advertising your work or something along those lines.

    There are several websites like CafePress where you upload the images and they do all the other work. You might be able to find something cheaper though. I found CafePress because I bought a shirt someone had made through them and it was a really nice quality cotton. Very soft.

  2. wow! thank you!!! i actually have heard of cafe press before, so that's a great start!!!!!

    I have no idea about copyright laws....but i think as long as i advertise only my art and not a brand (like say, YOU PROVIDE THE SHOE, I'LL PROVIDE THE ART) then maybe i'll be okay. Not sure. I'll ask rich or tom.

  3. the octo is cool and would definitely rock on a shirt. stumbled upon your site by coincidence and its awesome! just had to let you know that!

  4. Thank you, Nicole!!!!! I really appreciate that! Do you have a site I can follow?

  5. Rich and Tom would definitely be able to help. You might try asking Mrs. Walter too.