Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keeping Your Attention

How do I keep my viewers' attention? The average time span looking at art is 3 seconds. I want people spending at least half a minute admiring my work. But, why would they (you) if I don't give them (you) a reason?

My idea is this: Make art that requires the viewer to find the subject. In other words, hide my subject in a mess of "environment." If someone can't figure out what they are looking at right away, they will need to search/contemplate what is actually shown for, hopefully, longer than 3 seconds.

It is important to me that people enjoy my art. My work is NOT just for me, and I don't think any artist paints, sculpts, draws, or builds PURELY for their own enjoyment; they want to share their work with others. So, therefore I want to make work that I and other people can both appreciate.

Sure...there are topics I like to draw that lots of people don't like to look at, and I will continue to do those types of drawings because I can't help but draw them. I need to get it out of my system. BUT I consider those pieces as "practice" for the real work that is universally enjoyed and accepted. That's the work that truly makes me happy.

Call me a sell-out. Call me whatever you want. But it is human nature to want to please others, so dislike me for being human, not for my reasons for drawing.


  1. I'd spend more than 3 seconds looking at your ink work any day. I really like to see these environments that you come up with.

  2. Thank you! And I'd like to spend some good time planning some CRAZYYYY backgrounds.......not sure what's cool than the ocean, but I'll brainstorm

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  4. I agree with Ben. Your ink work is pretty spectacular.

    I think there are many ways to keep the viewer's attention. I would say that with a complicated background you would need to be careful not to overstimulate and therefore push the viewer away, but you clearly know what you are doing.

    To keep the viewers interested I like to portray emotion. I find that when I succeed people are compelled to look at my work. They are drawn back over and over.

    I also find that composition is nearly everything. Study the Old Masters' compositions, play around with different aspects and find what works for your art.