Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hidden Creature (Incomplete)
14 x17
Ink (Micron)
So this is my newest piece that I'm working on. I haven't shown anyone (for the exception of one person) since I've gotten this far. Most everyone at school only saw the eyes. I really like the way this piece is coming along, yet, I'm getting a little bored with it. I still have the whole left side to complete, which could by interesting....maybe I'll add another bird head or something. 
But, it has taken me 17 hours already. I'm expecting at least another 8...... so, 25 hours? On this piece? To be honest, that may sound like a lot, but I went through this pretty quickly. I've spent 5 days consistently working on it. 
I hope it turns out well in the end. Give me another 2 days at least to finish it up. 

Okay....i finished it.

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