Wednesday, December 23, 2009

School Stuff

so, starting january 4th i'll be back at school. i am definitely ready to be downtown again, but i must admit, i'm a bit nervous about my classes. i figure math will be a breeze, and illustration could be good (if we continue to do the same type of projects), but watercolor scares me. i was thinking about changing my major from illustration to watercolor, but i don't know anymore. i feel like my better work comes from my inks rather than paints.

perhaps i'm just scared because i want to succeed in that class specifically. i love watercolors, therefore i want to be accomplished. i haven't tried painting yet this break; i did a few acrylics but that was minor stress relief. grids have become an obsession of mine. i find them therapeutic. i think if i can finish one big painting this break i will feel very good.

i truly wanted to begin a new ink drawing: a seahorse. someone suggested i include some type of cocoon and crazy bat wings to hybridize it. that would be pretty sweet. however, there is a different sea creature i've been trying to work on for about a year now. i want to add color, but can't decide if i need more ink down first or not.

whatever i decide to do, i'm sure i'll be satisfied. i'll make enough prints so i can mess up on a handful and get different color schemes outta my system.

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