Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goals With My Art

For those who think art cannot support a fair living, here is a list of what i hope to accomplish.

1. Publish a children's coloring book of monsters
2. Run a gallery
3. Freelance
4. Illustrate for magazines, books, and newspapers
5. Teach a drawing class for outside artists

Every time i tell someone i am an art student, they look at me and say, "what can you do with that?" and i want to sometimes hit them because what can't i do? there are so many options for an artist to make a living, you just have to be dedicated to it. you have to want to eat, sleep, and breathe art, which i do. it is my passion, my life, my reason for being. i don't care if i don't make as much as a doctor or lawyer, i will love what i'm doing and it won't be work for me. it will will be the most enjoyable part of my day knowing that i have taken on this challenge and completed a new work of art. my portfolio is my bread crumb trail, my foot prints along the path of life. each new piece pushes me farther down the road to success.

i am so happy with the life i have chosen for myself and i wish people understood that this is the only direction that would complete me.

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