Friday, December 25, 2009

how the hell will i make money?

okay, so my visa bill seems to continuously climb regardless of my attempts to cut back on spending. given, it was christmas and i spent and easy $200 on my parents, how can i account for the other influx? i need to start making money again before i spend every last penny.

i have the option of working at hollister again after the season. i must accept this and earn some cash at least until i can find a job closer to my house, or maybe even pays better (but they pay pretty good downtown). i would love to sell some prints, which are cheap but add up. i have prints of the octopus, anastasia, the mannequin, octobird, and about 7 others i can't even think of at the moment. i organized all of them a few weeks ago. i just want to hypnotize people to buy my work since it obviously isn't selling on it's own.

maybe i could find a place to teach night classes for adults. like, every wednesday night i'd host a figure drawing class or a still life drawing class for seniors. that would be fun for me. but i think it would be a lot of work and dedication to finding models and gathering people to sign up. ugh. i'm hopeless.

i just want to be famous now and skip this hard work, but that's not how life is. i gotta keep entering competitions (which by the way, i just heard back from the elmhurst artist's guild that i did NOT win the current scholarship competition they're hosting) or applying to galleries. i need to get on my game.


  1. Well it looks like you are well on your way.. I saw your website and I especially love your self portrait! You have real talent.. Maybe we can do some work together one day?

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