Monday, April 12, 2010


For an Illustration assignment, Mr. Goro, aka Misha, had us all individually pick a children's book to re-illustrate the front cover and inside spread. I chose Stellaluna.

Since I could not find my copy, Patrick-my boyfriend of 4 years- loaned me his copy to study. This is what I came up with:

What do you think?

Misha loved it. My dad, not so much. I, personally, am very surprised with the results. I had such low expectations for this project from the get-go. (This is the inside cover spread, by the way. I refuse to post my cover i did because it is just hideous.)

My cover spread turned out terribly. It was originally supposed to be inked with light wash of paint. But because i used illustration board, i found the paint just soaked right into the paper, leaving little pigment behind. AND what was left of the paint was dingy and washed out. I became very frustrated with it so i just pilled paint after paint coat to try and saturate the paper....but nothing worked.

Aside from this problem, my color scheme sucked. it was every color of the rainbow. it looked like a clown smeared his make-up across my drawing-which also sucked. ugh. what a nightmare.

Thankfully, the torture is over, and we begin a new class project: illustrate a movie poster, but this time, everyone must illustrate the same movie!!!!! this should be very interesting....

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