Thursday, July 30, 2009

For work (Maddock Douglas: Innovation Agency), I must create a "profitable product" that showcases my artwork. My first idea was to develop an unique line of playing cards, using hybrid animals on the face cards and redesigning the font. This idea, however, seemed unlikely to be completed by the end of august so I changed my theme: painted lamps.

I am very fond of this new direction, and I feel that I can achieve this in a few weeks once I produce my lamp "skeleton" (wooden posts nailed together to establish a rectangular-shaped box with an open bottom and top, a light bulb positioned in the center) and the rice paper on which I will print my drawings.

My design is simple: underwater themed since I personally love the creatures of the deep. I think I will draw octopi, starfish, sea horses, coral, and seashells. I intend on using either watercolors or sharpies to color in the design. The final product will resemble the dimly lit asian rice paper lamps.

Tell me, does this sound interesting? Or will this be a waste of time?


  1. yes, a good idea and very different.... following your instincts is never a waste of time, regardless of what less-adventurous (and less talented) naysayers may think... forge your destiny as you see fit, young one.