Friday, July 24, 2009


1. The nude figure is ink (sharpie), watercolor, and gold leaf. Women's figure is so curvy and tends to be more fleshy, rather than muscular, so it never get too busy (especially if I dress her up). It's sold to a dear friend who requested a nude painting.

2. Photography is a love of mine, even though I have yet to take a course in it. Nature, textures and still lives really excite me;, not so much. I can never find a good enough model, and when I do try to use people, they never do what I want. So, I stick to things that DON'T move.

3. The photograph of the window was taken in my friend's dormroom at Eastern Illinois. I just so happened to be browsing through my pictures in the dark while everyone was asleep and set my camera to take pictures instead of view. The lens was pointing directly at the window and I saw it on my screen. I snapped it.

4. The charcoal portrait of one of my favorite models at school. He has such great expressions and is willing to be placed in any pose we, as students, give him. This is also my favorite drawing from my life drawing class. I turned this piece in as my final and, I am proud to say I received an A for the term!

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  1. cool, like the organic look on the watercolour. If you look at only the butt area, looks like a blow fish :P