Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Artist Preview: Anthony Christopher

Anthony Christopher, a student with me at the American Academy of Art became my friend in '09, sophomore year. I immediately gravitated towards him for the obvious reason: his work encapsulated everything I wanted to achieve in my own art. It only made sense to keep him close.

By using a .30 Rapidograph pen (about the size of a needle tip), Anthony produces these intricate, painstakingly detailed 10 x 14 drawings on arches hot press watercolor paper. Each piece takes roughly between 20-60 hours to create. Mainly black and white, these high-contrast drawings invite the viewer in to see the hidden images inside the line work. 

At the early age of 14, Anthony entered an Indiana mental institution, an experience where he draws much of his inspiration from. After leaving, he delved into his artistic side and began creating disturbing imagery, sometimes out of his own blood. Since then, his technique has been refined and honed so proficiently. With a blend of chaotic and highly controlled lines, he creates contrast between similar tones. 

After graduation, Anthony plans to continue working on his personal illustrations and currently interns for a creative group in Chicago.

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