Monday, November 15, 2010

Truckin' Along


  1. Nice progress. The birds are really adding a lot to the piece.
    That's not an easy perspective, especially when you're replacing the head.
    How much time do you think is left?

  2. thanks dustin. and you're right colin, i am having some difficulties. I think I still have another 15-20 hours to finish the body and flowers around my legs. I'm not sure if I'm adding hair yet. it could get too messy.........

  3. Ahha, hair could be cool. I could see what you mean though, worrying about it becoming too busy with it.
    I'm a cheater. I would photograph it and take it into photoshop, then see how it looked.
    You might be more decisive than I am, however.

  4. i like photoshop to test out ideas too. I think I may do that actually....