Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, because of a friend (Matt K.) who is always online looking at cool artsy stuff, I found out about The Sketchbook Project hosted by Moleskine Journal. It's pretty cool. You send $45 to them and they mail you a blank 50 page moleskine for you to fill out by Jan 15th. When you send it back, they take it around the country and make a digital copy for online viewing. It's a great opportunity for a young, aspiring artist, like myself!
The theme I chose to illustrate is "Boys and Girls," which is kinda general, so I wanted to focus on one aspect of youth: nightmares. So, that's what my drawing will be of! Kids crying and monstery-nightmarish stuff.

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  1. Good lord ms. Samantha - your sketches and drawings are so very amazing.

    Keep posting.