Monday, July 12, 2010

Aries, the Ram

Micron ink. 4 hours in...

6 hours in...

All done...


  1. This piece is coming along, cant wait to see it finished. I love the layering and sense of depth created by your compass.
    Question for you, Do you sketch out your pieces beforehand or do you just ink as you go along?

  2. i do not sketch in the slightest, which is not always a problem, but can sometimes really hurt the overall composition and depth of my pieces. I just went with this one.

    I leave the "pre-planning" for school. I really just like to get everything I want out at once, and I am in such a rush to start it. Thumbnails and sketches diminish my inspiration.

    What about you? Do you sketch?

  3. I have been sketching more often than I used to. When I created pieces with intricate designs I never pre planned. Like you, I drew what came out, living in the moment. But I have come to realize that none of my pieces will ever be finished and I see them all as stepping stones towards what I truly wish to paint,draw, observe, etc. therefore sketches themselves.
    Do you ever want to go back and fix a piece or repaint it?